Friday, 31 March 2017

Haunted Sanatorium

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium is an abandoned sanatorium located in southwestern Jefferson Country.It was opened in 1910 and it was closed in 1961. 63,000 patients died in this sanatorium and some of those people are still wondering around in this sanatorium as ghosts. It is famous haunted spot in America. The patients who died here left this property in what is known as The Death Tunnel now.

The hauntings include the ghost of a boy named Timmy , he was a very playful boy who liked to play with rubber balls. He is even caught on tape by a visitor of this place. There is also a ghost of the nurse who hanged herself in the room 502 and died. She still visits this place. There is a a ghost of another nurse who fell from the window of the same room. Her footsteps and screaming is still heard these days.

Haunted Palace

Mohatta Palace is located in Karachi, Pakistan. It was built by Shivratan Chandraratan in 1927. It was deserted at the time of partition of Pakistan and India. In 1995 it was purchased by the Government of Sindh and they converted it into a Museum devoted to the arts of  Pakistan. This museum was formally opened in 1999. It is now a public place. It is a tourist spot now but when the visitors are gone and the lights are closed strange things start to happen.

 The guards which are at duty at night say that the things which are in the museum move on their own and they say that they can feel the presence of something moving inside and they have also seen black shadows pass by very quickly. The guards believe that the palace have the ghosts of the British Raj.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Haunted Star Island

Star Island is located seven miles off the New Hemisphere coast in USA. It is home to many souls of many people. The island was first settled permanently in 1677. This island is the nest of paranormal activities. The scariest place on the island is the chapel. Many people have heard singing and have seen people in the chapel,but when someone goes inside the chapel, it is always empty.
Many people have also seen a black dog with bright red eyes walking around the island and if someone goes near it , it just disappears.
There are also three sisters who died because of Scarlett fever. From that day till now people see them playing in front of their graves. If you try to go near them they just vanish or run away.
People have also seen a ship which is caught on fire,flying around the island. No one has ever solved the mystery behind this flying ship.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Doll's Island

In south of Mexico, between the canals of Xochimico you will find a small island full of dolls called Isla de las Munecas ( The Island of Dolls). It is dedicated to the soul of a poor girl who met her death in her childhood. The area around this island is home to many families but this island is home to many terrifying dolls. The dolls look creepy even in daylight and in night these dolls scare the souls out of people.

Legend says that a dead body was found of a young girl. People say the girl drowned in one of the canal People say that dolls have moved their heads and arms many times. People also say that they have heard the dolls whisper to each other. According to the people the soul of the girl has possessed the dolls.

Famous Haunted Asylum

Abandoned asylums in my opinion are the most petrifying place ever. That is the same case with the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum. It is located in Victoria, Australia. It is commonly known as Mayday Hills Lunatic Asylum. It was a mental hospital from the year 1867 till 1995.

 Almost 1,200 patients lived there and 9,000 of them died. There is no doubt that souls are haunting the asylum in many ways at night. If you are brave enough you can make a nighttime ghost tour, to which I say a big no.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Haunted Beach

Dumas beach is said to be haunted by many of its visitors.It is located along the Arabian sea in Gujrat.It is famous for its black sand and symbolic movements.These days people and tourists often hear cries and whispers.It is said that many people have lost their valuable lives exploring this unexplainable beauty.This beach is ranked as the third haunted place in India.