Monday, 21 August 2017


One man hide and seek also known as ''One man tag'' is a haunted ritual in which a ghost possesses the doll and then comes to find you. To start the ritual you need a doll, you just fill up the doll with rice and put`your DNA inside it. Then you put the doll in a tub of water and say ''Tag you are it' three times and then go out of that room and wait for 10 seconds and dont look back or the spirit may possess you. Then go back in and stab the doll with a knife three times and then go and hide and make sure you turn off all the lights in the house. Now just wait and wish that the doll does not find you or you will be dead. Dont go out of the house or the spirit will come after you for life. To end the ritual put salt water on the doll and this should make the spirit go away and after that you can throw the doll away from your house. Only brave people dare to do this ritual.

Bonaventure Cemetery

Bonaventure Cemetery is located in Savannah, Georgia. It is mostly known for its beautiful scenery and the statues that are present inside it. There are many spirits that are in this cemetery but the most popular one is of a 6 yr old girl named Gracie. It is said that it lives in the statue that looks exactly like her. People often leave her gifts and if someone takes her gifts away the statue cries tears of blood. Now it is the most visited statue in the cemetery. For the safety of the statue now there is are bars around the statue. Some people have also seen her in a white dress skipping through the cemetery. If you ever had a chance to visit the cemetery be sure to leave her some gifts for her pleasure.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Merritton Tunnel

Merritton Tunnel also known as the blue ghost tunnel is located in Thorold, Ontario. It was built in 1876. During the construction of this tunnel 107 construction workers died here due to some reasons, from then the tunnel is abandoned. From then voices can be heard and a blue mist can be seen. You can also feel a force sometimes that is pushing you backwards. Due to these reasons the tunnel was blocked by the people. Now only researchers go in there and the people who want to explore theses kind of places. This is known to be the most haunted place in Ontario.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Haunted Game

Charlie Charlie is a haunted game in which you can talk to the spirit of Charlie.You just need a piece of paper with yes and no written on it. Then you place two pencils, while one pencil is balanced on the other. Then start by saying Charlie Charlie are you there. Then the pencil should move to yes. Then you can ask anything you want but dont disrespect him. In the end always say goodbye or he will stay with you. There is always a risk in playing these games but do it at your own risk. 

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Haunted Story

This story is about me when i shifted in a new house with my family. This happened a couple of months ago. Also comment down if you have any other haunted stories or places to share or would like me to write about it......
Couple of months ago me and my family shifted to a new house in Karachi, Pakistan. The house was not so big and not so small. We heard that the last owner of this house had died here with his family. The neighbours told us that the family was killed by some of their enemies at night. The police investigated but only found a knife with blood on it. This family was of 5 members which were the mom, dad, a son, two daughters and the youngest daughter was only 2 years old.
I was a little scared but my family said there was nothing to be scared of.  Few days past and my family settled here. One night as I was just playing on my laptop I heard a sound and it was like someone was coming up from the stairs. I thought it was just my mom or my brother. The person was coming towards my room and it ended at my doorstep but no one knocked. I stood there watching at the door and the door of my room slowly opened. It opened but no one was standing there. I was freaked out. I called my mom but my voice couldn't just reach to my mom's room. I stood up and slowly walked to my parents room. I woke them up and told what happened. They said that sleep with us. I slept there that night. The next morning as we all were having breakfast we all saw a man standing near the front door and at that night we saw a girl carrying a doll. The next day we called a priest and he blessed our home. I am still living in this house but now little things happen like lights go ON and OFF on their pwn sometimes but nothing harmful happens. 

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Haunted Lighthouse

St.Augustine Lighthouse is located in St.Augustine, Florida. It was built in 1824. It is haunted by the ghost of the keeper who died here and he used to enjoy cigar. Today we can smell his cigar when we enter the lighthouse. Footsteps are also heard by the staff. Spooky voices can also be heard. A figure is also seen sometimes at the top of the lighthouse at night. It is said to be the figure of the man who died here and his two daughters who also died here can also be seen sometimes laughing and playing. Many ghost hunters have visited this place and researched on it.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Haunted Game

Ouija is also known as the spirit board or talking board. It is a wooden board with letters, 1 to 9 numbers and it also has the words yes and no written on it. It comes with a wooden or plastic planchette. While starting the game the participants put the planchette on the board and put their fingers on it. As you start playing the game you enter in the demonic world. You can ask questions to the spirit but there are many cases seen and heard in which the people got possessed and some people got badly injured. This is a very dangerous and risky game to play. Once you have started the game and when you end it by saying goodbye even then sometimes the spirits stay with you and haunt you. The only way to stop this haunting is to break the board into seven pieces and put holy water on it and then burry these pieces deep in the ground. Only the brave one dare to play this game.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Haunted Forest

Aokigahara forest is located in Japan. It is also known as the suicide forest. Almost 500 people committed suicide in this forest in 1950. It is the world's second most famous place to commit suicide. In the past the people who had not enough money to feed the whole family would leave a family member here so that they have to feed less mouths. The people who were left here starved to death. This forest is said to be haunted by the ghosts of these people. The police officers often go here and collect all the bodies and store them in one place. The officers say that the bodies found in this forest cant be counted. Its impossible to count how many people committed suicide here.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Haunted Island

Poveglia Island is located between Venice and Lido in Northern Italy. There is a small canal which divides the island into two. In 1922 the buildings which were built here were converted into asylums. In 1968 these asylums were closed and the island became abandoned. Many patients and doctors died on this island. This island is said to be the home of many spirits. Fishermen are afraid to fish near this island and those who fish near it often find skulls and bones of people. The people which live near the island are also afraid to go near that island. Ghosts of the patients and doctors are seen here and screams and cries are often heard from inside the buildings. Shadows and apparitions can also be seen. The people who went there for research also some of them got possessed by the spirits of the patients. Only brave people dare to go near that island.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Forbidden City

The Forbidden City is located in Beijing, China. It was a home for the royalties for about 500 years after it was created. Now it is also known as Palace Museum. It is present in the center of the Beijing city. Sightings of ghost and apparitions have been reported by the guards, staff and the people living around. Many people died behind these walls. The guards say that they often see weeping woman in long white gowns in the night. Screaming can also be heard at night. If you ever visit Beijing, you should definitely go here but at day not in night or otherwise you will experience some supernatural stuff.