Sunday, 11 June 2017

Haunted Story

This story is about me when i shifted in a new house with my family. This happened a couple of months ago. Also comment down if you have any other haunted stories or places to share or would like me to write about it......
Couple of months ago me and my family shifted to a new house in Karachi, Pakistan. The house was not so big and not so small. We heard that the last owner of this house had died here with his family. The neighbours told us that the family was killed by some of their enemies at night. The police investigated but only found a knife with blood on it. This family was of 5 members which were the mom, dad, a son, two daughters and the youngest daughter was only 2 years old.
I was a little scared but my family said there was nothing to be scared of.  Few days past and my family settled here. One night as I was just playing on my laptop I heard a sound and it was like someone was coming up from the stairs. I thought it was just my mom or my brother. The person was coming towards my room and it ended at my doorstep but no one knocked. I stood there watching at the door and the door of my room slowly opened. It opened but no one was standing there. I was freaked out. I called my mom but my voice couldn't just reach to my mom's room. I stood up and slowly walked to my parents room. I woke them up and told what happened. They said that sleep with us. I slept there that night. The next morning as we all were having breakfast we all saw a man standing near the front door and at that night we saw a girl carrying a doll. The next day we called a priest and he blessed our home. I am still living in this house but now little things happen like lights go ON and OFF on their pwn sometimes but nothing harmful happens. 

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Haunted Lighthouse

St.Augustine Lighthouse is located in St.Augustine, Florida. It was built in 1824. It is haunted by the ghost of the keeper who died here and he used to enjoy cigar. Today we can smell his cigar when we enter the lighthouse. Footsteps are also heard by the staff. Spooky voices can also be heard. A figure is also seen sometimes at the top of the lighthouse at night. It is said to be the figure of the man who died here and his two daughters who also died here can also be seen sometimes laughing and playing. Many ghost hunters have visited this place and researched on it.