Monday, 29 May 2017

Haunted Game

Ouija is also known as the spirit board or talking board. It is a wooden board with letters, 1 to 9 numbers and it also has the words yes and no written on it. It comes with a wooden or plastic planchette. While starting the game the participants put the planchette on the board and put their fingers on it. As you start playing the game you enter in the demonic world. You can ask questions to the spirit but there are many cases seen and heard in which the people got possessed and some people got badly injured. This is a very dangerous and risky game to play. Once you have started the game and when you end it by saying goodbye even then sometimes the spirits stay with you and haunt you. The only way to stop this haunting is to break the board into seven pieces and put holy water on it and then burry these pieces deep in the ground. Only the brave one dare to play this game.

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